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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not Just Romance

I'm known as a romance writer, primarily Regency romance. My short stories, however, venture into other genres as well. Most of my short fiction is free. Here's a list of all the non-romance shorts I've written.

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The Fold was my 1st flash fiction piece, written for a contest. It came in 51st-ish out of 250-some entries, by popular vote. 

Stalker ► was a writing exercise. You know the type, "start with this word, write a certain length of time, etc." I posted it here on this blog and on my site. 

Sunset was more fun than I should probably admit (after you read it, you'll understand why that concerns me). It was a switch for me on many levels: it's not romance, it's first person, and it's present tense.

The Dragon's Birth is a straight-up fantasy short story that's around 5000 words. It's a prequel of sorts for a fantasy novel I wrote that may or may not see the publishing light. This short is $0.99 everywhere eBooks are sold. There's an excerpt on my website HERE.

My two short stories in the UNLOCKED anthology are non-romance as well. Assassin's Keeper is Regency fiction and Survival is dark fantasy. Click the titles to read a short excerpt of each. UNLOCKED can be downloaded free from

For those of you already familiar with Sable from Assassin's Keeper, there are two other stories out in web-world that feature her, both part of a longer work, both on the Clever Fiction website: Crossing the Channel and Unwilling Protector...though I suppose all the shorts about Sable could be considered dark romance, but it's only romance in the loosest interpretation of the term.

There's also Chosen, a mild horror-ish type of story that I wrote for a prompt over on Clever Fiction. I don't have a cover for that yet.

So enjoy my even darker side. Didn't realize I had an even darker side, did you? OK, so maybe you did. I've never been particularly secretive about it, have I?

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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