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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News and Updates and Giveaways Galore


Deception's eBook debuted in August, going live on Smashwords and in Amazon's Kindle Store. It's only $4.99, a marked contrast to the $14.95 paperback. (But with a cover that gorgeous, who wouldn't want a hold-in-your-hands copy?) ;o)

Unlocked's paperback went live on Amazon. Those of you who were awaiting the Amazon edition, now's your chance to get it!

Heartless has been picked up by TreasureLine Publishing and so will receive a new cover, interior layout, and a bit of editing. (OK, so nothing's quite "official" yet, as I've not signed the contract, but that's just a formality.) The new cover will be revealed when I'm given the OK by TreasureLine. 


I'm working hard on editing Honor so I can submit it to my publisher. Meanwhile, I've been distracted by Retribution and tapping away on that so it can make its way out into the big bad world by next year. Covers for both are also in the works. 

Giveaways galore. 

Jewelry is the featured giveaway this month in the Unlocked group on Goodreads. Join to find out how to win a "key" necklace in September's contest. As always, visit to download your free PDF copy of the anthology.

I will be holding my own giveaway for Unlocked just as soon as my brother (of JaysDesign Jewelry) has finished the key necklace I've ordered from him. Oh, and after I've ordered/received a few copies of the book itself. I'm excited to see it!

I will hold another contest when I reach 100 blog followers. I have yet to decide what the prize will be but it will be a good one, I promise. Only 10 more followers to go!

That's it for me...for now. Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!

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