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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sweet" Romance Giveaway on Goodreads~19 Prizes Up for Grabs

Every hundred members or so, we hold a giveaway in our Clean Romances group on Goodreads. We've reached the 400 member mark (413 at the time of this post) and are celebrating by giving away books. Many group members generously offered prizes for this event, bringing the total number of prizes to 19. As of this moment, 52 have already entered and the contest entry thread has only been open for about 36 hours. The thread will be open for two weeks.

So how do you enter?

First, you have to join Goodreads. It's fun and free. If you are already a member of goodreads, you're halfway there! Then, you have to join the Clean Romances group. Also free. There is a sign-up thread in the group under Contests & Giveaways. Throw your name in the hat and you're all set. Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM (PST), August 31. Winners will be announced September 1st.

Hope to see you there!!

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