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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please Stay Tuned (bad pun intended)

I'll be gone this weekend. We leave tomorrow and return Monday. I will have no internet while I'm gone and so you will hear nothing from me on the various social networking sites I frequent until I return. We're headed to the Corvette Crossroads Auto Show in Mackinaw City, MI. 

Corvette Crossroads Auto Show
Mackinaw City, MI
August 2009 
We go every year and while we don't enter our corvette (it's an old clunker), we enjoy walking around and looking at all the other cars as well as participating in the annual bridge crossing and parade. I did a blog post about our experiences at last year's show, from which I stole the above pic. 

For more details about the Corvette show itself, visit the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce website.

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