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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Treasure Hunt Winners 8-14

(Our annual summer treasure hunt is still going on. Check my original post for the rules on how to enter.)

Seven more winners have been announced in our 2nd Annual Summer Treasure Hunt Contest:

  • June 8: Mina Gerhart of Pennsylvania won an e-copy of the sweet 1950s romance Lab Partners by Larry Hammersley. 
  • June 9: Cassandra Cantrell of Utah won an autographed copy of Melinda and the Wild West, a historical romance by Linda Weaver Clarke. 
  • June 10: Diana Donahoo of Illinois won an autographed copy of Taken by Storm, a YA romance by Angela Morrison. 
  • June 11: Amanda Isbell of Utah won an autographed copy of Trapped, a romantic suspense/paranormal fantasy by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen. 
  • June 12: Cindy Schuerr of Wisconsin won an e-copy of Journey to Redemption, an inspirational romantic suspense story by Anne Patrick. 
  • June 13: Rachel Stanley of California won an autographed copy of Altared Plans, a contemporary LDS romance by Rebecca Talley. 
  • June 14: Tawnya Mayo of Utah won an autographed copy of Heroes of the Fallen, a historical novel by David J. West. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

There are still more prizes to be won so check my original post for how to enter.

Happy hunting!!

*My apologies if any names have been misspelled or any other typos have been made. Spell checker only catches so much. :o)

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