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Monday, September 21, 2009

~Homemade Monday~ Regency Receipt #1: Walnut Ketchup

Mondays are now "Homemade Monday" here on my mindless blog. This is when I will explore different recipes, some of which will be Regency Receipts, such as today's, and some of which will just be simple recipes for bath and body care products. (I used to own a natural bath and body care business. OK, so I technically still own it.)

All that aside, not all of these recipes will be ones that I have personally tried. I do not recommend you try the Regency ones unless you are already experienced in doing so. Some of them, cosmetic recipes in particular, involve the use of ingrediants that can be quite dangerous.

Today's recipe (or receipt since we are stepping back in time for this one) is taken from Modern Domestic Cookery and Useful Receipt Book by Elizabeth Hammond, 1819, page 83:

"Walnut ketchup. While the young walnuts are tender, press out two gallons of the juice, let it simmer, and skim it well, then add four ounces of anchovies, bones, and liquor, the same quantity of shalots, three ounces of cloves and ginger, with two ounces of mace and pepper each, and three cloves of garlick, let the whole simmer till the shalots sink, then pour it into a pan, let it remain till cool, after which bottle it, and divide the spices; cork very tight, and tie down with a bladder. This should never be used under one year and will keep for twenty."

I don't think this is a recipe I would ever try. But then, I don't care for walnuts...

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