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Friday, September 4, 2009

100 Members Book Giveaway Celebration

Hello! I posted about this on my reviews blog but thought I should mention is here as well.

Over at Goodreads, we are having a celebration in our Clean Romances group. We just reached 100 members (106 as of this post) and want to celebrate by giving away books. 14 books have been generously donated for the giveaway. We are accepting book donations until September 7th (not required, by the way); the drawing takes place September 8th with the winners announced on the 9th.

How can you be entered to win? First, you have to join Goodreads. It's fun and free. If you are already a member of goodreads, you're halfway there! Then, you have to join the Clean Romances group. Also free. If you do those two things, you are automatically entered to win. It's that simple.

Hope to see you there! Happy reading, writing, and blogging!

1 comment:

Park Avenue Princess said...

Hi Jaimey! I'll go by and check out the group, I'm already a member of good reads so it should be pretty easy! Thanks for the notification!


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