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Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates of a Varied Sort

Well, there are a few matters to update here.

  • I have started a blog for Spellbound. All you readers who are interested, please follow to get all the inside dirt on the novel as updates are posted: All the Gossip of Spellbound.
  • The blog tour for Joyce DiPastena's new medieval romance Illuminations of the Heart is in full swing. Four prizes are being given away at the end of the tour and you can enter NOW. For details of the tour and rules for entry view the post on my book review site: Romance, Old School. Followers are always welcome and very much appreciated.
  • My recent blog poll on publisher reviews has ended with 75% voting that this type of review is only of some importance and should be considered with a grain of salt. 25% think they are too biased to be considered at all. Nobody felt they should be treated as normal reviews. Although the voting is over, you can still leave your opinion on the original post: Do Publisher Reviews Matter?
  • Spellbound is still available for FREE download from Smashwords offers several file formats for many e-readers including Kindle, Palm, and Sony. They also offer PDF and HTML for ordinary computer reading. For details of my offer and the coupon code required for download, check out the original post: Spellbound is FREE Until August 21!
That is all for now. Happy reading, writing and blogging!


Thomma Lyn said...

Exciting about your new blog! And I find the results of your poll very interesting. I've been pondering how much influence reviews have re: decisions to buy books, and I've concluded the same thing -- some influence, but reviews aren't the be all and end all some folks think (and/or hope) they are.

Jaimey Grant said...

I seem to LOVE blogs lately. It could be that I am the Queen of Procrastination and another blog helps me avoid the edits that are so desperately needed on my upcoming release. Sheesh!

Yes, reviews seem to mean more to the author than the reader. Perhaps I should blog about that.


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