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Monday, March 30, 2009

Paperback Update

I am in the process of updating my currently published titles. Stupid? Maybe. Pointless? Hardly. Do I have control issues? Most definitely!

The Kindle versions are done. The regular eBook versions are done. Now, I'm updating the paperbacks, which takes longer, as I have to approve the new copies. Look for a title or two to be down for a week or more at one time.

As of posting this message, Heartless and Spellbound are taking a breather. Betrayal is finished. The new copy is what is now available on CreateSpace and Amazon, despite appearances to the contrary. I expect my proof copy of Spellbound to arrive any day, at which point it will be approved--fingers crossed--and then Redemption will take a break. In a week or so, Heartless should be back up for sale.

What are the differences between 1st and 2nd editions?
  1. First and foremost, the artwork. I updated the cover art. The other covers all had some aspect I found mildly annoying. (Why were they published that way in the first place? I am impatient. I am an impatient control freak. How does that translate in regard to my overall health? Stress, stress, and more stress. LOL)
  2. There were a few things I overlooked that my husband thought were rather important. I fixed those.
  3. And, of course, I noticed a couple little typos that were overlooked in the billion edits these all went through before publication. There is always at least one, no matter how many different people go over the manuscript however many times. Even "professional" editors miss things.
  4. I also cleaned up the formatting a bit. This altered the page count. The books seem longer now. They are not. The word count is the same. Ex: Betrayal went from being 144pgs to 172pgs. The word count is still about 60,000.
All that aside, here is an example of the new & old covers

I think you see my point...

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