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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Release

I am hoping to get my newest Regency, Deception, on the virtual bookshelves by the end of this week. It is connected to my currently published novels.

Determined to find love, Aurora Glendenning hides her wealth and status, all too aware that money will often blind a man. When she meets Levi, Lord Greville, she thinks her prayers have been answered. There's just one problem: he needs wealth to prevent his swift relocation to debtor's prison. When an improper meeting results in a rushed wedding, Aurora's lies begin to unravel. Her past arrives in the form of an old love, revealing far more than she'd ever intended. Levi's love is tested, Aurora's life is threatened, and through it all, a little girl is the catalyst. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover, Jaimey!!


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