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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~Regency Wednesday~ A Villa (July 1817)

For today's Regency Wednesday post, let's take a look at a Regency building. I've selected a villa from the July 1817 issue of Ackermann's Repository.

  "This building is intended for the residence of a small family, and has its domestic offices situated in the rear of the principal apartments, which are thence approached by a door entering into the staircase at A. The dining-room is spacious, and is decorated by niches and statues, which would combine with the greatly projecting bay window, to give the whole an appearance of architectural arrangement and classical finish. The drawing room and music-room, communicating with a small conservatory, would form a very agreeable suite of apartments, wholly unconnected with the dinner-room. The library is arranged for a tasteful disposition of the books; and, as being a room of business, it is entered immediately from the small hall: this leads to the principal staircase, and to a corridor containing a closet, coat-room, store and china-room, &c. and is the passage by which the house is entered from the servants' apartments. These consist of kitchen, scullery, and larder, servants' hall, pantry, and housekeeper's room, with proper cellaring; and above them are the servants' bedrooms. The chambers over the chief apartments are four in number, two of which have dressing-rooms.
  The lawn front only would be architecturally decorated, the remaining sides being disposed for finishing in the simplest style, and for concealment by plantations; indeed the offices might be nearly excluded from view by the shrubberies between them and the principal building."*

*Taken verbatim from Ackermann's Repository, July 1817. Get the Google e-book HERE.

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