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Saturday, October 11, 2014

~Snippet Saturday~ Betrayal

How about a completely random bit of a snippet today? I was in the tedious process of formatting Betrayal for print (finally!) and the opening of chapter twelve caught my eye. So here you are, my lovelies. Enjoy this little taste of Adam and Bri’s tale. ☺

Though Bri doesn’t actually star in this portion, she is the subject of Adam and Connor’s conversation.

Adam had successfully pushed a certain flame-haired, green-eyed countess firmly from his mind. He had succeeded so well, in fact, that he nearly dropped his coffee one morning several months later when he glanced at the social column of the London Gazette.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered, much to the amusement of Lord Connor Northwicke who had stopped over that morning.

“Bad news?”

“Depends on who you are, I suppose,” his friend replied cryptically.

Connor reached for the paper and soon saw what had his friend so pensive. “Oh, Lord,” he muttered.

“Exactly,” Adam said almost to himself. “I tried to tell myself that she would be well. She was with her family and surely she had exaggerated their treatment of her. Now I wonder.”

“As do I,” Connor murmured. “I had heard, of course, Steyne himself spouting off some rubbish about being engaged to her, but I just thought he was in his cups.”

Adam concurred. “I still felt like calling the bounder out,” he growled.

“Fortunate thing for you that you resisted,” Connor replied dryly. “You’d look no end the fool now if you had given in to your impulse.”

Adam did nothing more than grunt in reply.

This book is available everywhere e-books are sold and the paperback will be available again very soon. More excerpts and store links can be found on my website HERE. Thank you for stopping by! ☺

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