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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ Bookseller

How neat is this book I just found on Google? The Book of English Trades. It's from 1818 (original printing 1811) and it lists the different trades at the time, just as the title suggests, including images of many of these professions. I selected the bookseller (wanna guess why? lol) for today's Regency Wednesday post.  

"The Bookseller of the present day is a person of considerable importance in the republic of letters, more especially if he combines those particular branches of the trade denominated Proprietor and Publisher: for it is to such men our men of genius take their productions for sale: and the success of works of genius very frequently depends upon their spirit, probity, and patronage."

I think that sums a bookseller up rather well, don't you?

*Clipped from The Book of English Trades (1818), p. 35. Get the Google e-book HERE

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