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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ Manchester Square

How about a Regency place this fine (dreary) Wednesday? I've clipped an image and description from Ackermann's Repository of Arts. Enjoy! ♥ 

  This is one of the those squares which, during the last century, successively sprung up in the new western suburb of Mary-le-Bone. It is situated at a little distance from the north side of Oxford-street, between Cavendish and Portman-Squares; and the period at which it was built, was likewise intermediate to the dates of their erection. It was intended to have been dignified with the name of Queen Anne's-Square, and to have had a handsome parochial church in the center. This design, however, for what reason we are not informed, was not carried into execution; and the ground on the north side lay vacant till the late Duke of Manchester purchased the site, and erected upon it his town residence. From this circumstance the square received its present appellation. Upon the sudden death of that nobleman, the premises were purchased by the King of Spain, as the residence of his ambassador, who erected a small chapel in Spanish-place, on the east side of his mansion, from designs by Bonomi, which, for its classic purity of style, deserves the attention of all lovers of architecture. The house, which is one of the most magnificent private residences in the metropolis, and forms the prominent object in the annexed engraving, has been for many years the property and habitation of the Marquis of Hertford. 
  The other three sides of the square are composed of neat, respectable dwellings, which have nothing worthy of particular notice.*

*Clipped from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, July 1813, page 50. Get the Google e-book HERE.

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