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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ Fashions for July 1823

I must apologize for how lax I've become in my Regency Wednesday posts. I can give you all kinds of excuses—I mean, who couldn't?—but I'll spare you most of them. I recently had a new release, which you already know, and I always get a little weird in my head after that. I'm bouncing back now and will endeavor to get back on some kind of regular posting schedule. ☺ 

All that said, here is a Regency tidbit for your viewing enjoyment.... 

I just love this pretty little gown I found in the July 1823 issue of La Belle Assemblée

And the description, taken verbatim from the magazine....


  DRESS of white crepe lisse or fine net, trimmed at the border with puffings of crape, confined by rich fancy trimming; the hem is finished by a row of blond lace of a Vandyck pattern. Over the crape puffings is a serpentine wave of plaited net, in the centre of which is a rouleau of white satin; between each wave is a full blown rose of Provence, with green foliage. The corsage is Iberian, and is of white satin, enriched in front in the stomacher style, with large pearls. The short sleeves are of net, and are simply ornamented with one small rose on the outside of the arm, and the sleeve finished round the arm with Vandyck lace. The hair is arranged partly in the style of the portraits painted by Vandyck, but more elevated on the summit of the head; beneath the braid which forms this elevation, and in front of it, is placed a superb Mexican diadem of topazes, turquoise stones, and pearls; and on the back of the head, on the right side, a splendid comb of gold, with regal points; on the left side of the hair is a full blown rose. The ear-rings are composed of turquoise stones and pearls; the necklace is formed of one row of very large Oriental pearls, with a convent cross lying just above the tucker, which is very narrow, and of Vandyck lace. The shoes are white satin, and the gloves white kid.

*La Belle Assemblée, July 1823. Get the Google e-book HERE. 

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