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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~Regency Wednesday~ A Gothic Cottage in 1817

Oh how I love things like this! One day, when I'm über famous and rolling in blunt, I'll build myself one of these lovely little cottages and that's where I'll disappear when I want to write or design, or just need a moment to myself. 

Ah, dreams. They're what keep us alive.


  This building is suited to a small family, and would make a very convenient parsonage-house to a living of moderate income: it consists of a parlour, dining-room, and library; a kitchen, scullery, larder, &c. on the ground floor; and of four chambers and a dressing-room on the bed-room floor. The design is picturesque in its effect; and if executed with a judicious attention to the forms of the doors, windows, ceilings, &c. it would become a very simple and neat example of domestic Gothic architecture. It is intended that the roof should be covered with tiles, but great care should be taken that they are from some other building, and have lost the offensive glare that red tiles always possess when new, for such a colour would be fatal to the pleasing effect of the building.*

*Clipped from Ackermann's Repository, October 1817. Get the Google book HERE.

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