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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ 1815 Advertisements (#2)

~♥♥~ Now playing in my head: Hayley Westenra, Who Painted the Moon Black ~♥♥~

  Essence of pearl and pearl dentifrice, which excel, both in elegance and efficacy, every other preparation for the Teeth and Gums, price 2s.9d. each. The essence is particularly recommended to Parents and Persona have hae the care of Children, as the greatest preservative of young and tender Teeth. None are genuine but what have the words "J. Hemet, Bayley and Blew, Cockspur-street," engraved in the stamp. (January 1815)

  T. Duddell and Co. solicit the Nobility and Ladies, at the present season, to inspect their much approved fine imitation of brilliant Diamonds, as also of the carious coloured Gems, as Rubies, Emeralds, Topazes, Amethysts, &c.; having now complete elegant suits of Necklaces, Bracelets, Tiaras, Ear-rings, and Brooches—the whole of which are set by the first diamond artists, and are not to be distinguished from the real stone. Merchants and Captains may be supplied with them as usual, expressly assorted for the different Foreign Markets, by T. Duddell and Co. 106, Holborn Hill, London. (February 1815)

  A very great improvement has of late been made in this article, by laying on a surface of dissolved Ivory, which embraces all the properties of the animal substance, at a much lower rate, and it rendered perfectly smooth and clear. 
   Sold wholesale and retail by R. Ackermann, 101, Strand. (March 1815) 

*Taken verbatim from Ackermann's Repository, 1815.

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