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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~Regency Wednesday~ Waterloo

Wellington at Waterloo by Robert Alexander Hillingford 
The Battle of Waterloo took place Sunday, June 18, 1815. It was the battle that effectively ended Napoleon's bid for dominance. It took place in a small area near Waterloo of present-day Belgium and was the bloodiest battle ever seen to that point in time. Both sides lost over 20,000 men. (Hard to consider that a win.) 

The Battle of Waterloo by William Sadler 


Jennie Marsland said...

Hi Jaimey,
Just following blog hop links today,saying hello. I'll definitely be back.
I'm into Civil War history myself. There are some amazing stories there. Hope you're having a great holiday season, and here's to a bright and prosperous 2011!

Jaimey Grant said...

Hi Jennie! Thanx for stopping by. :o)


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