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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Poll : To Use a Pen Name or Not to Use a Pen Name...

...That is the question.

I suppose, as far as life goes, this question is not important. However, I'm curious as to the readers' (and other authors') views on this matter.

I use a pen name. I've never made a secret of that fact. I'm not trying to hide who I am with my pen name. I'm trying to overcome how common my real name is. There are already plenty of Laura J Millers on Amazon alone. A writer, a few singers, some actresses...and the list goes on. So, forget it. I won't be Laura J Miller, author. (In the spirit of full disclosure, my maiden name is Lyons, I use regencyfreak as a user name for almost everything and sometimes I manage my husband's facebook account--he doesn't play the games, I do.)

My new dilemma is this: As Jaimey Grant, I write Regency romances that are connected. I have recently written a fantasy novel that may actually see the publishing light of day. I'm currently working on another fantasy story, a short this time. I am contemplating the use of a different pseudonym. Which leads into my next blog poll question.

Should authors use multiple pen names?
(Yes. No. Only if the genres differ greatly. I don't think it matters.)

Additional questions for consideration:

As a reader (even if you are also an author), do you like when an author uses different pen names for different genres? Or would you rather have the author use the same name for everything they write? Why?

As an author, do you use different pen names for different genres that you write? Or do you prefer to have the same name on every work? Why?

I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!


Amy DeTrempe said...

Interesting question. My married name is Williams. Yep, how much more commen can you get. So, I went with my maiden name - very uncommen, even though often mispronounced - lol. I personally don't like it whe authors use different names for different genres. I assume if I love their romances and the author comes out with a mystery, I will love that as much. But the market must say differently because a lot of authors have more than one pen name.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

This is a question. I've wrestled with it myself but for different reasons. My name is unmistakably "ethnic." And an "ethnic" name really does effect the way 1. publishers view your work 2. the kind of folks who will pick up your book at the store.

I go by only one pen name, but I'm thinking about using another for my erotic pieces. I still haven't decided. On a personal level, I think multiple pen names are irritating for the reader to keep up with. As an author, I understand the reasoning and might consider using 2.

Anymore than 2 pen names is a little excessive, methinks.


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