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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fantasy Writing and Reviews

Fantasy Progress:
I have mentioned before that my NaNoWriMo project for 2009 was a fantasy novel that had been brewing in my head for years. I am still writing that book, even two months later, despite having ended November with over 55k words written on it.

When I was doing NaNo, I had written a synopsis for the story. Now, at 77k words, that synopsis bears no similarity to the story.

The story now, as it stands...

Dragons once ruled the planet of Aiblameer. Now, they are extinct...

...until an ancient experiment reaches fruition with the rising of the second sun. A new dragon is "born," a member of the royal family of Coraji the unfortunate possessor of dragon blood.

The only one who can stop the end of the world is Raena, a foundling with no knowledge of her heritage, no idea that she carries the blood of the dragon hunters, a defunct race that lived to kill.

With the help of a secretive mercenary who knows more about her than she does, Raena must make the dangerous journey to the dragon's castle. While battling monsters, assassins and her own internal struggle to remember her past, Raena discovers who and what she is and why she is the most wanted creature on the planet.

Sound interesting? Huh. I'm working on it. Apparently, I have trouble writing synopses, picking the "wrong" words to describe things and whatnot. Did I ever mention that I've had two negative reviews that specifically attacked my synopses? Yeah. Go figure.

I've harped on about reviews more than once on my blog. (Ex: Reviews and the Reader; My $0.02: When to Mark a Review Helpful; Do Publisher Reviews Matter?) I love reviews. I love reading them, writing them and receiving them. I admit, I mostly love receiving them. :o)

Betrayal got a new review recently. 4 stars and a very in-depth explanation for those 4 stars. I loved the review and the fact that the reviewer even included what she didn't like about the book. I was immensely pleased that she found it difficult to like the heroine. Is that strange? Well, the heroine of Betrayal, Bri, is not very likable. She's not supposed to be. I did a brief character sketch of her on another of my blogs: Character Intro: Bri.

Would you like to read Paige Ray's review? Click here.

I am super excited to hear what Paige thinks of the aforementioned fantasy novel...when I get it done, that is. :o)

Until next time, happy reading, writing and blogging!!


Paige Ray said...

Yay! I'm so glad that my review was satisfactory. I surely didn't want to upset you by not liking Bri, but as I read, I felt like that was the way it was supposed to be.
I can't wait to read your other books and the new fantasy novel. How fun!
If I ever finish my novel I will definitely share with you too.

Thank you!

Jaimey Grant said...

Thanx for the comment, Paige!

So many are anticipating my fantasy novel that I hope it's not too disappointing. At the same time, I love my characters so much that I want to share them with everyone. I just hope the convoluted storyline doesn't fall right apart. But that's what critiques are for, right?

Thanx for stopping by and have a lovely day!


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