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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Fantasy Confession

I have a confession.

I'm writing a fantasy novel for National Novel Writing Month. (No, that's not the confession. You already knew that.) In this novel is a character named Magoric who is not really a villain but he's not really a hero, either. He is a mercenary hired to kill the heroine in the tale. How is that not a villain, you ask? He has his doubts about killing her.

I feel the need to confess my inspiration for Magoric. In appearance, he is a combination of the Wraith of Stargate Atlantis and Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII. My initial vision was close to Sephiroth with a few slight differences. The major physical difference: Magoric has four arms instead of two. Since my introduction to the wraith some years ago, the vision of my character changed some more.

Pictured here is a wraith who has altered his appearance to blend with humans on Earth. There exists an uncanny resemblance to my mercenary character, minus the black glasses.

I say uncanny because Magoric has been roaming the deepest recesses of my brain for years, long before I saw this particular episode of SGA for the first time. I happened to re-watch this episode last night and got a chill at the resemblance. Spooky.

Now, if only I could find pics for my other characters...

*Image is a photo I took of Stargate Atlantis, Season 5, episode 19, Vegas. I am in no way implying this franchise endorses me or my writing.

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