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Saturday, February 27, 2016

~Snippet Saturday~ Gertrude's Grace

It was put to a vote on my Facebook page and Gertrude won by a landslide—granted, that was only a handful of votes, but still. It counts. ;) So this week's excerpt is from Gertrude's Grace, chapter three. Enjoy! ♥

Taken from the beginning of chapter three...

 Having a clumsy daughter was what all Society mothers feared most—that and being denied vouchers to Almack’s. Clumsy daughters were nearly impossible to marry off, every gentlemen desiring a lady for a wife and a lady must always be graceful.

 A clumsy young lady might successfully marry if she was titled, fair of face, or in possession of a generous dowry. Gertrude’s standing as the daughter of an earl gave her a title but her dowry was modest. Her strong features and sturdy build were opposite the delicate, china-doll appearance that was so popular. Her tendency to laugh aloud instead of emitting nothing more than a charming titter put many gentlemen off. She strode around like a man when she wasn’t tripping over her own feet, and her hair—horror of horrors!—was unruly red, the most despised of hair colors. Certainly a mother’s nightmare!

 But Gertrude’s mother, delicate fae creature that she was, loved her great clumsy child. As much as she wanted her child contentedly married and surrounded by children of her own, she was just as happy with the thought of her staying by her side, a comfort in her declining years.

 And Gertrude adored her mother right back, wanting to please her with a brilliant match. So she dressed carefully that Wednesday evening, only a few days after her comical introduction to the much sought after Duke of Chatterton.

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